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Accounting and Financial Services

Accounts Payable

Though many firms are now sending electronic invoices, many are still sending either paper, Fax or PDF images. None of these formats can be easily entered into today’s accounting packages.

Using our Optical Character Recognition tools we are able to provide you an efficient means of entering the data from your suppliers’ invoices whether paper, or image. The data is secure and encrypted, is backed up and the deliverable includes an invoice image sorted by supplier and date.

Accounts Receivable

Manufacturing firms of all sizes have an administrative cost associated with their billing process. We provide an ability to generate paper invoices from a print stream generated by your accounting package. The invoices are printed in our Toronto facility and mailed to your clients. Images of the invoices are created as PDF files and held on-line in our hosted Alchemy server for you to view/download 24/7.


Prehospital Care

Inofas provides data capture, conversion and hosting services to base hospitals and paramedic services.

Since 2004, we have provided data entry services to capture Ambulance Call Reports (ACRs), to supply prompt and accurate data, cost-effectively. The SQL databases containing ACR data can be transferred to the base hospital or paramedic service securely by Virtual Private Network (VPN), or hosted on our secure server, accessible 24/7/365.

As well, we provide data analysis tools, such as dynamic reports and OLAP cube, to enable prehospital care personnel to efficiently query the data, starting from broad statistics and drilling down to individual calls or paramedics.

Our experience gained from working with ACR data from multiple sources has enabled us to convert and merge ACR data into a single database, so that better use may be made of diverse data sets.

Our technical professionals are available to provide customized reporting, as well as custom applications to assist prehospital care personnel in organizing the data for their many purposes.

Click here to view IT World Canada article on Ambulance overseer loses patience with paper reports


Medical Clinics

Ontario medical clinics and doctors’ offices are being encouraged to move from paper records to fully electronic patient records (Electronic Medical Records - EMR). There is a government program to assist these organizations in making the transition. The program is managed by Ontariomd: details can be found at

Using our experience in document and record management we are able to manage your transition in the most efficient and least expensive manner. Our services will include data conversion and images of your active files. On-going patient medical records will be set-up for you, using the Open Source computer application developed at McMaster University. This software is provided at no cost. We offer you a complete package including the transition, training and on-going support.


Law Firms

Inofas provides services to law firms to cost-effectively and efficiently make better use of both paper documents and electronic documents of all types.

We convert paper to searchable images, and load to litigation support applications such as Summation, Concordance or iConect, or document management repositories such as Alchemy. It allows for speedy retrieval of information, eliminating hours of sifting through pages of paper documents. As well, electronic databases and repositories save valuable storage space, and protect the documents from loss or damage.

Document Preparation

Our trained staff takes care of your paper documents by removing all bindings prior to scanning, and reassembling the documents to be returned. All paper documents are stored in our vault when they are not being processed.


Documents are scanned on our production scanners equipped with image improvement software to make the images as good as they can be. We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert the images to searchable text, to enable searching of words and phrases in the documents.


We provide coding services at several levels to suit the needs of each situation. Basic coding fields typically include document ID, document date, document type, author, recipient, carbon copy, blind copy, document title and page count. A minimal number of fields can be entered as a cost-effective alternative. We also provide cost- and time-effective offshore coding services of our long-time partner, with their team of trained coders, rigorous quality assurance and project management.

Litigation Support Applications

Once the documents are scanned and coded, our technical professionals create databases in litigation support applications such as Summation, Concordance or iConect.

New service: we will be pleased to demonstrate to you a document review platform that is both easy to use, effective and cost-efficient.

Document Management Repositories

Paper documents not for litigation can be digitized and organized for quick retrieval and safe storage with Alchemy document management repositories. Alchemy also stores electronic documents, spreadsheets, drawings, photographs and audio/video files. Repositories can be supplied to you on CD/DVD, or made accessible to you from our secure servers, 24/7/365.



Our manufacturing clients have distinct areas in which we have excellent solutions. These include documentation, including engineering drawings/CAD files; Quality Control Documents and Accounting Documents.

Manufacturing Documentation - initial documents and drawings can be stored in Alchemy repositories and all versions/change notices tracked by number and date.

Centralized Quality Control information can be made available securely locally and across plants using WAN or Internet access.

Order entry/Payables and Receivables can all be supported by our solutions.

Bill of Materials/Parts lists can be kept current and made available using our Web hosting service. Even your client e-mails may be efficiently stored and retrieved using Alchemy.



Inofas has had a long association with publishers, providing services in data conversion, tagging and preparation for print and electronic publication. Our skill and experience in scanning paper and converting text from paper to electronic enable us to quickly and cost-effectively assist publishers in accomplishing the task required, whether it involves HTML, XML or SGML tagging, or proofreading / formatting of documents for print publication.

Our experienced staff is available for projects, large and small, from single publications to large data conversions. We also offer the services of our offshore partner with long experience in electronic publication, to provide quality work at reasonable rates and a quick turnaround.



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