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Our mission is to serve our clients with integrity and to provide our clients with solutions to improve access to their data, in a cost-effective manner.


INOFAS Integrated Systems Inc. provides document scanning, document management and cloud storage services to a broad range of organizations. We assist our clients in making their data work better for them, from providing quick and effective access to electronic documents, to digital storage to protect documents from loss or damage.

Document Scanning

We have many years of experience with document scanning, and we put the attention into the myriad of details that give our clients the best quality scanning project.

We provide our clients with an index in Excel of the box contents at project outset. We capture all documents from tiny pages to wide format (42”), fragile documents, bound books, ranging from full colour to poor quality grey.

Our wide format scanner handles plans, drawings and maps up to 42” in width.

We conduct rigorous quality assurance at multiple key stages of production. Index data is entered at the level of detail suited to our clients’ needs, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to create searchable images. Aside from index data, we also produce text extracted from OCR with links to the scanned images.

For the scanned and indexed documents to be added to a repository or document management system, we can output the files to meet most import schemas.

Machine-printed data can be digitized successfully with QA to ensure accuracy, and manual data entry to capture poor quality printed and handwritten forms:

  • Accounts Payable: extract vendor invoices and import into accounting applications
  • Medical and other forms: enter data into databases such as SQL, with links to the scanned images

We also provide cost-effective transfer of paper documents into electronic archives.

For our clients who are implementing scanning systems onsite, we are there to assist from beginning to end and beyond.

See “10 Reasons to Digitize” courtesy of Fujitsu Canada Inc. 

Day-to-Day Scanning

We can assist you in maximizing your in-house capability to digitize documents as they arrive at your office. Every office has a different requirement, whether it is for a high-volume production scanner, or a network scanner with a tiny footprint and scans without needing a computer.  We represent major manufacturers – Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic and others.

If your staff is regularly scanning odd sized documents such as identification cards, passports or long electrocardiogram (ECG) strips, we can help make it a much easier task.

Electronic Archives

We provide a cost-effective archive scanning service, so that your closed files are protected from damage or loss. Keeping your document boxes in storage isn’t adequate protection any more.

When we receive your boxes, we will compile an index of files in each box. If you need access to any file while it is being processed, we will expedite the scanning and send an encrypted file to you within one business day.

Electronic archives can be delivered to you on DVD, USB drive, and/or Cloud.

Document Management

Make your paperless office more secure and efficient with PSIsafe document management system. PSIsafe is a centralized repository of documents which can be accessed and managed from anywhere – at your desk, at home or on the road. It features a portal to securely share documents with outside parties, and also allows you to set up automated workflows to streamline your business process. PSIsafe is easy to use and reliable. It can be synchronized with your existing systems and also incorporate workflows for greater efficiency. It is available either in cloud or on premise.

Please see PSIsafe Datasheet and Security Brief.

We have been an Alchemy service bureau for many years. For those Alchemy users who have migrated to other document management systems, we are available to assist in retrieving your data from Alchemy, in a format suitable for migration.

Cloud Storage

It is vitally important to protect your data from loss, natural disasters or ransomware attacks. We offer the UltraSafe system which provides multiple levels of access controls to various role types (Administrator, User, etc.). All system access events are logged and audit trails kept.

You can protect all of your data, and all of your devices:

  • Servers (physical and virtual)
  • Laptops (Macs and PCs)
  • Mobile devices
  • Desktops

If any device is lost or stolen, it can be tracked and wiped (complete data erasure).

The data is stored at a Tier-3 data center in Toronto, Ontario, using Triple-Stage Encyption:

  1. Encrypts your files using 256-bit AES before transferring to the cloud. Each user’s files are secured with a unique UltraSafe encryption key. (This encryption key is stored on the local machine only, NOT in the cloud.)
  2. Files are transferred to/from the cloud via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.
  3. Data files stored in the cloud are encrypted again with 256-bit AES encryption.

The end user is the only one who can view or decrypt the files in the cloud.

With increasing ransomware attacks, there is no effective defense against a malware attack other than ensuring that you have a secure recovery system that enables you to resume normal  operations within 15 minutes, and never to have to pay a ransom.

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