Industry Solutions

Our industry-specific solution can help you digitize your documents in the most effective manner.



Electronic closing books (e-Closing Books) – At the conclusion of a legal transaction, all the documents are scanned and compiled into an e-Closing Book. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes the documents searchable. We make it easy for you to save or print a specific document within the e-Closing Book by either bookmarking each document, or making it a collection of separate PDF files within the e-Closing Book covers. The e-Closing Books are branded for your firm, and are a paper-saving and effective way of handing the documents to each party.  It saves on paper, printing, storage space, as well as the effort of distributing paper copies.


We provide data capture of both paper and digital files to streamline the processing of invoices and documents for Accounts Payable. Using a combination of OCR-based data extraction technology and manual data entry where needed, we produce high accuracy data for import into your accounting system.

Financial Services and Human Resources

We suggest a three-pronged approach to transformation of your paper files to an efficient repository with automated workflow processes.

  • Our team will prepare and scan your existing paper files into a PSIsafe repository;
  • Use PSIsafe as a centralized repository that can be accessed from anywhere. Documents can be shared securely with outside parties. As well PSIsafe has a mobile application, and 3rd party integration to applications such as RedTail and SalesForce. PSIsafe allows you to automate your business processes such as making sure that all your files are complete and up to date.
  • For documents that arrive every day, use a reliable scanner that handles the volume easily.


We have had almost 15 years’ experience working for the pre-hospital and paramedic services. Our focus has been capturing handwritten forms by manual entry from the form to a database, and integrating each record with the corresponding scanned image.

We have maintained a stable project team to ensure retention of experience and knowledge, to produce high quality and high accuracy data.

Construction, Management and Architectural

Wide format CAD drawings, plans and maps up to 42” in width can be scanned in B&W, colour or grayscale.

We provide free pickup and delivery of wide format material within 25 kilometers of our facilities.

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